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Cantonese is spoken by about 50 million people in the extreme southern provinces of Kwangtung (Guangdong) and Kwangsi (Guangxi) and also in Hong Kong. Cantonese is also spoken in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Most Chinese speakers in the United States speak Cantonese.

Why learn Cantonese?

Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language in the world. All but about 100 million of China’s 1 1/4 billion people speak one or another of its dialects. There are another 20 million speakers on Taiwan, 7 million in Thailand, 5 million in Malaysia, 2 1⁄2 million in Singapore, one million in Vietnam, and lesser numbers in other countries including the United States and Canada.

Online Cantonese with Berlitz

Berlitz online Cantonese lessons offer the practicality you have always wanted to learn a new language in the best possible way. Within online lessons, you can choose where and when you want to take your classes, enabling you to make better use of your time and organise your schedule appropriately to fit language learning into your day.

We also offer an intensive program variation for those who want to learn quickly and effectively for any business trip, work assignment or language proficiency interview. Berlitz offers you a variety of different online Cantonese course options, so you are sure to find a program to suit your preferred style of learning, schedule and goals.

Advantages of learning Cantonese online with Berlitz

10 levels of proficiency
With Berlitz you can take a proficiency test and a quick language assessment to find out which level suits your needs. There are 10 levels tabulated according to ability.

Fast and efficient learning
You will quickly advance, understanding in an agile and practical way as you progress through the program levels.

Cultural understanding beyond just language
Classes focus on going beyond just the language. You will get to know a whole new culture directly with native and experienced teachers whilst immersing yourself in the language.


Yes. All the content available in online classes is the same as you would learn with face-to-face classes. The difference is just that the class takes place online instead of in a physical classroom.

In order for you to become fluent, you need a dedicated study plan, consistent practice, comprehension of the language details, and eventually the ability to speak confidently about all the topics covered.

Because that way you will be able to learn the other skills (listening, reading and writing) in a more natural way, this method mimics the way you learned your native language.