Language training

Creating a comprehensive corporate language training program enables
your employees to be more productive and effective. Berlitz's language and cultural training courses are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Whether you need individual language lessons for senior
executives, group courses offered on site or intensive private language
training for employees moving abroad, we can provide packages and plans that are catered to you and your business.

As companies expand globally, the risk for miscommunication increases dramatically. Berlitz has vast experience and expertise in teaching real-world language and cultural fluency to business people around the globe. We can train your teams to speak and write at the language level that is appropriate for their business role and help them understand and embrace other cultural teams they are likely to work with to drive productivity. Our immersion classes, our face-to-face language training and online tools can provide flexibility that works for busy schedules and varied budgets.

People-centered and business focused corporate language training

Through our wide variety of language training programs for business, we can work with you to train one employee or your entire organization. Corporate language training can be taken face-to-face or online, always with live, instructor-led lessons for maximum learner participation. Our enthusiastic, fluent instructors will help ensure that your employees learn the language spoken in the real world.

Berlitz corporate language training offers:

  • Customized programs, catered to suit the needs of your business and teach the skills your staff needs to meet business goals, according to your industry and their job function
  • Content with vocabulary specific to your business
  • Multiple, instructor-led delivery options, including face-to-face at a learning center or on site at your workplace, online or a blended option so that your employees can learn according to their schedules and learning preferences
  • All levels of language instruction, from beginner through professional
  • A wide variety of language options including: English, Thai, German, French, and Indonesian.
  • Highly trained, native-fluent instructors
  • Relocation services to ensure a comfortable transition for executives and their families when relocating
Corporate Language Testing and Assessment Services

Berlitz language proficiency testing offers language assessment and language testing services for individuals and organizations, with results provided within two business days. These can be used for pre-employment screening and progress tracking. Our language testing services are available in over 40 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online or over the phone.

Language Testing Services

We offer a diverse range of language testing services to provide a solution for any language needs.

- SOPI (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview): A computer-based, human-scored tool that assesses speaking in 10+ languages
- WPE-CS (Writing Proficiency Exam for Customer Service): A computer-based, human scored tool that assesses writing in 10+ languages
- BTSS (Berlitz Test of Speaking Skills): A live OWL-based, human scored interview that assesses speaking
- BTLR (Berlitz Test of Listening and Reading): A computer-based tool that assesses reading and listening

Berlitz uses proven language proficiency test processes and multiple performance indicators to guarantee the consistency and strength of results, meaning that your HR teams can feel confident in assessing and hiring the best candidates for the job.

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