Online German courses

Learn to speak German like a native with Berlitz’ German lessons

Customized to suit your goals and lifestyle, our classes teach you the language as well as the cultural aspects of delivery, so you learn to speak naturally as well as fluently. Whether you’re learning German for travel, work or social reasons, our immersive language learning techniques will get you fluent fast.

Why learn German online with Berlitz

All our online courses are customizable and flexible, the perfect combination to help you fit learning German into your busy schedule. We offer a range of online programs, catering to different learning styles.

Forget about commuting to the language center and focus on learning German. Explore the range of online German classes we offer and choose the one that best fits your learning style.

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Course options

1. Self-paced online German course

Our self-paced classes make learning German easy – study online in your own time and practice what you have learned with our Berlitz instructors.

2. Live online German course

Berlitz live online gives you the same benefits and human interaction of a physical classroom, with the added convenience of learning from wherever you want, at a time that suits you.

Advantages of learning German online with Berlitz

Possibility to switch between online and face-to-face classes

At Berlitz you have the opportunity to take classes both in-person and online, according to your availability

10 levels of proficiency

With Berlitz you can take a proficiency test and a quick language assessment to find out which level suits your needs. There are 10 levels tabulated according to ability.

Fast and efficient learning

You will quickly advance, understanding in an agile and practical way as you progress through the program levels.

Gain cultural understanding

You will not only learn German, but you will also learn about its culture. This provides you with the cultural understanding required to communicate with confidence.

Private in-person German classesSemi-private in-person German classesGroup in-person German classesIntensive language program

we also offer

In-person German courses

Led by a friendly Berlitz certified instructor, most of your language class is spent in-language, with engaging practical activities designed to get you fluent fast.

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