Berlitz Online Assessment

Berlitz Online Assessment

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This test is necessary to establish one’s speaking and listening capabilities. This test should take you 17-20 minutes to complete and is intended for non-native speakers of 16 years of age and older. This exam is used by many global corporations for hiring, promotions and overseas assignments.

This assessment can be administered via mobile phone or computer. To simulate test conditions, the test platform locks down the mobile phone or computer to prevent web-browsing, copying or pasting. During the test, an examiner’s voice will guide you through the test, explaining the tasks and giving examples. You should listen through a headset or speakers. You can also follow the instructions and examples on the screen. Test questions are responded by speaking into the microphone.

 The exam consists of 6 sections with a total of 63 questions:

  1. Reading (8 questions)
  2. Repeats (16 questions)
  3. Short questions (24 questions)
  4. Sentence Builds (10 questions)
  5. Story Retelling (3 questions)
  6. Open Questions (2 questions)

Technical requirements:

  • Firefox v52 or higher
  • Google Chrome v61 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 or higher

For smartphone and tablet users, the assessments are available on Android and iOS.

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