Ski Camp & English Program 2023 in Canada

Learn English in the morning and practice Ski or snowboarding in the afternoon. This is a great opportunity to improve your English skills and have fun while experiencing an adventure in the snowy mountains of Vancouver.

The program starts during the Lunar’s new year, which will be on January 23rd!

 Duration Tuition Homestay Registration and Material Fee Airport Transfer Total
1 week ฿39,000 ฿14,820
2 weeks ฿54,600 ฿21,840 ฿9,750 ฿7,410 ฿93,600


Additional Fees

  • Homestay additional fee for students under 16 - ฿1,700/week
  • Custodianship Letter - ฿4,290
  • Grouse Mountain Pass (unlimited lift access) - $185
  • Ski/Snowboarding lessons: 5 days - $400, 10 days - $800, 15 days - $1,200

*The Grouse Mountain Pass & Ski/Snowboarding lessons will be paid in Canadian Dollars

Learn English or French while having fun in the snow!

Academic Program

Students develop English language skills for real situations using the Berlitz method. English Grammar is taught in a communicative manner with an emphasis on using the structures orally. The communicative methodology is also used to develop English Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation. All students are placed in separate levels according to their Grammar and Conversation skills. Classes are held Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Snowboard/Ski program

Grouse mountain is located in the mountains of North Shore and easily accessible by public transportation from Downtown Vancouver, Students will participate in Grouse Mountain's Ski Zone camps. The students will safely explore the mountain in a fun and social environment while learning to ski or snowboard. The instructors will develop solid fundamentals and age-appropriate strategies for practising more advanced techniques with participants.


Students will be placed in a warm, inviting family home, 35 – 45 minutes from Vancouver English Centre by public transportation. Three meals per day (including a bagged lunch to take to school) are provided.


Students will be picked up at the Vancouver International Airport and dropped off at their homestays by our arrival services. If a flight is delayed or changed, the service will still be provided.

Exploring Vancouver

Vancouver is a cultural hub on the west coast of Canada with an international airport that includes mountains and beaches. The city's location makes it ideal for filming, as well as arts festivals like Fringe Festival where you can enjoy performances from around BC or even the world!

Berlitz Vancouver is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver at Melville & Thurlow. We are conveniently located close to many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

About Grouse Mountain

The Grouse Mountain ski area is a hidden gem for those living in Vancouver. The trip up to the top of this iconic mountain takes only minutes on public transit and provides visitors with scenic views that they won't find anywhere else!


No, you can stay in a hotel as well. We will help you choose one near the Center for transport purposes.

It's not, but we highly recommend purchasing one. Berlitz Canada will take care of your
booking needs!

Yes, the tuition is the same for both languages.

The custodianship letter is an important document that must be submitted with your visa application. It is only applied to students under 19.

Yes, we will issue an LOA (Letter of Acceptance) that help you to get a visa.

Visitor visa, since this is a short-term program.

The insurance is not included. Even though it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend purchasing one. One of the insurances we recommend for international students is GuardMe.

Minimum of 4. and a maximum of 8 per class.

Yes, the additional fee of $30/week for the following food requests: kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, or organic.

The complete regulation can be found at

Yes, you will need to handle the visa application yourself. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, there will be a small graduation ceremony on the last day of the program.