Installment Payment

  • Available for Private students, both for new enrollment and re-enrollment, with a minimum purchase of 80 lessons.
  • Customers can choose between 2 or 4 payment terms.
  • Option A (2 Payment Terms):
    • 1st Payment: 60% of Tuition Fee
    • 2nd Payment: 40% of Tuition Fee, after completing the 30th lesson.
  • Option B (4 Payment Terms):
    • 1st and 2nd Payments: 30% of Tuition Fee
    • 2nd Payment (Follow-up): After completing the 15th lesson
    • 3rd Payment (Follow-up): After completing the 30th lesson
    • 4th Payment (Follow-up): After completing the 45th lesson.
  • Enrollment is "nonrefundable" for customers using the installment payment plan.
  • Material and Registration fees are separate and paid in the 1st payment.
  • Additional free lessons from promotions will be given after completing all payments.
  • Customers are required to take at least two classes per week.
Learn languages with native speakers

Private instruction in-person

通常価格22,600.00 ฿

private language lesson online


通常価格22,600.00 ฿