language courses for kids and teens

外国語を学習している人達にとって、初めてその言語で会話ができた時ほどやりがいのあることはありません。 言語教育に対するベルリッツ独自のアプローチを通して、より早く学習言語を身につけることができます。


Berlitz online language courses for kids helps them uncover their unique talents and improve their understanding of the world, wherever they are.Learning a new language at an early age can enhance cognitive abilities and build confidence in a child - our online platform means there's no need to attend a language center, they just log in and learn!

Our online language program for kids include:

- Private language tutoring for kids aged 8–17
- Tailored programs based on skill level, goals and timeframe
- Two 40 minute sessions, twice a week with a live instructor via the